Fashion made from grapes and waste? Welcome to the future.

Our planet doesn't have enough natural resources for us to keep doing what we've been doing. Period. That's why we need to do things differently.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and one of the most water intensive. By investing in new technological solutions, we aim to change the way we make, use and say goodbye to clothes. No more tattered jeans in household rubbish and no more heavy reliance on water-intense fabrics. Instead, we want to eliminate waste and let material flow in circles.

To make this possible we support companies like Re:newcell, Worn Again, Ambercycle and Infinited Fiber, innovators who are just as eager as we are to change fashion. We also encourage out-of-the-box ideas to support climate-positive fashion (a fancy term for reducing more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than we emit throughout our value chain). An innovation that we're really proud to be a part of is Looop: the world's first in-store recycling system turning old clothes into new ones. It was installed in one of our Stockholm stores in 2020.

By shopping with us, you help turn ideas like these into reality.

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Since 2015 we've only used virgin down from farms certified according to the Responsible Down Standard (in a nutshell: farms with strong animal welfare principles). And we're the world's biggest buyer of this type of down.

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