Men Beach Wear Guide: 101

Men's swim shorts are essential for a day on the beach or a sunny getaway. In this guide, we will take a look into the different styles of men's swim shorts, and what you need to consider when choosing your latest swim shorts.
One of the most important aspects when getting a swimming suit for men is material, look for a pair made of quick-drying fabric such as polyester or nylon, these materials will dry fast after getting out of the water which is important for preventing chafing and discomfort. Another aspect when choosing men's shorts is style, they come in many styles from solid and simple to colorful and all-over prints. Always choose what you feel good about. You can also consider the occasion, for a beach barbecue or a day by the sea you can wear cargo shorts, for a pool party consider wearing stylish swim trunks which are typically longer and have a more structured fit, they often have a mesh lining for added support and comfort, and for a day chasing waves and the sunset you can wear swim shorts which are typically shorter and have a more relaxed fit, they also feature an elastic waistband or drawstring for a secure fit.

What's the best swimwear for men?

It totally depends on your preferences, style, and what event you are going to. Whatever your choice is, make sure to pick up some high-quality swim shorts that offer sun protection and ones you feel comfortable wearing.